Contemporary Designer Homeware and Giftware

I am a designer maker of homewares, wall art, jewellery, boxes and nick nacks.  I’m based in rural Derbyshire in the UK, somewhere between Manchester and Sheffield.  I make all my designs and products in my tiny workshop, start to finish.

I have a strong mathematical and musical background, which I try to incorporate into my designs.  You’ll see a good deal of geometric repeats in my work, alongside the more abstract and organic patterns.  I like my designs to be interesting, fun, useful and above all different to what is generally available.  Two of the most often words used to describe my work are “quirky” and “unusual”.

Everything I produce has been designed in a CAD package, then cut out or engraved either by one of my laser cutters, or built on the 3D printer.  I hand assemble and hand finish everything.  I love the mix of hi tech making methods with traditional hand made techniques.

I enjoy meeting the buying public at craft fairs as I get direct feedback on what works and what doesn’t, almost all of it positive, some of it contradictory, but always enlightening.


Designer maker

I’m a designer/maker, producing all products myself (well OK maybe with a little help from my machines!).  I even make the packaging.

Mostly I make coasters, clocks, place mats, things to hang on your wall and occasionally jewellery, through a combination of “generative” computer programs and hand drawn geometric designs.  I started out and trained making jewellery but found it quite fiddly for my hands, so quickly moved onto larger things.

My day job is at mekkit.com, where I design, laser cut, engrave and 3D print for artists and businesses. This means I have a lot of laser resource (5 lasers!) to enable me to try out my new designs on new materials. I really enjoy pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in new software, as well as with the lasers, and the 3D printer, discovering new techniques on the way.  It’s also handy having an engineering company downstairs who help out with grinding and CNC jobs.




Please feel free to get in touch.

Just use the contact form here, or give me a ring on 07767 767648.

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